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Strong organizations require strong leaders. We work to understand an organization, present how it can excel through a strategic approach to leadership, and then work to make that strategy a reality. 

We are committed to being the company that helps institutions, small, medium, and large identify, build and execute best practices of leadership.

Why Us?

As a collective, we have unparalleled experience at a senior level in some of the world's largest, most complex organizations.

We understand the dynamics and importance of focusing on the right issues, and recognize that a roadmap in a strategy deck is not where an engagement should end. Taking that strategy forward into implementation is essential, and with our change management expertise, we will be with you every step of the way.

What we promise we will do:

  • To listen to you
  • To understand you and your needs
  • To provide you with practical advice based on our experience
  • To partner with you from the first meeting to the day when the desired results are realized

Our Approach

We have developed a three 3 step approach to ensuring that we offer the best possible support for you:

  • Discover
  • Recommend
  • Implement
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Services We Offer Our Clients

We are focused on helping organizations achieve excellence. Through our experience we share our expertise in partnership with you to identify opportunities that will yield the most significant impact.

Practitioner Consulting is what sets Global Leader Group apart. A practitioner has earned credibility from applying their trade. Our proficiency not just in theory but in practical execution allows us to partner with you in moving from diagnosis to prescription; from analysis to implementation.

We have extensive experience in the financial services and wealth management industries, but we’re not limited there. Our three core competencies are in Sales, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management.

If you want to grow your business by taking it to the next level, we can help. Let our experience become your expertise.

In working with thousands of leaders from first-time managers to experienced executives, we know the problems leaders face, and created development experiences to empower them to live and lead deliberately.

Choose among virtual-live courses that are done remotely but in real-time, in-person sessions, or completely digital (on-line) courses.

Our learning and design experts can partner with you to create learning solutions that deliver your unique needs.

The success of your organization starts with having the right people to lead it. In addition to helping you build your current leaders, we leverage our experience to also add world class leaders to your management teams.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of fortune 500 practitioners and experts in our fields. Having first sat in your seat as business executives before becoming search specialists, we understand your needs and know what to look for in a successful candidate – both the cultural and competency fit.

We engage early with a comprehensive intake call and stay actively connected to you throughout the process.

While we’ve found successful and diverse leaders in most every type of role and industry, we have especially strong expertise in the Financial Services sector and functional positions in Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Sales, and Marketing.

Our mission at Global Leader Group Talent Search is to find leaders to make your team and business better.

We are female and minority owned and guarantee a diverse slate of candidates is presented.
Global Leader Group is excited to offer organizations and teams a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with a true baseball legend. The Dale Murphy MVP Experience makes you feel like an MVP as you spend the whole day up close and personal with Dale and the Global Leader Group. Gain access for you and your team to one of the best of all time, see the genuine, humble man he is and hear throughout this interactive day the lessons he’s learned on the field that will help you truly rise to big league leadership.
Whether you are organizing a large recognition program, a team offsite, virtual conference or in-person team meeting, our group of expert communicators can inspire, teach and motivate your teams to reach even higher. We have three premier keynote speakers with experience presenting to hundreds of companies around the world.

Keeping sales teams motivated can be very challenging. How do you create the right focus needed to raise productivity to grow your sales? At Global Leader Group we have supported thousands of sales teams and their leaders to exponential success. We have done so, not just through guiding organizations but by actually being successful salespeople ourselves, leaders of sales teams, and leaders of leaders.

We can equip your teams by supporting through:

  • Sales Training – Top 10 Selling Skills, Top keys to being a successful Relationship Manager, How to conduct periodic reviews
  • Sales Management – How to effect change in your people, Diagnosing Performance, Coaching for Growth, Building a successful sales culture
  • Sales Effectiveness – Creating the optimal reward & recognition plans with the necessary reporting and measurements, linking the right metrics to business success

Executive Coaching is an intentional relationship with discussion focused on the personal and professional goals of the client, guided by a skilled coach who sets a safe and supportive environment to process future-oriented thinking, goals, and aspirations. Our coaches help the client set the agenda and keep things on-track and structured, while also using a broad range of coaching skills to prompt, challenge and guide the client in service of their goals. The coaching topics covered range from career, life, performance, organizational/business, and leadership, addressing the whole person and the various aspects of life that impact leadership, growth, movement, and momentum.

Leadership Mentoring is an intentional relationship between a seasoned leader and a leader on the rise which provides the sounding board, lived experience, consultative advice, practical and tactical wisdom which can only be had by someone who has sat in the leadership seat.

Global Leader Group helps fill that void by matching you with an experienced executive.

Our partners have worked in the most senior positions in some of the largest and most complex global organizations. We can help you select the right mentor to partner with.

Our leadership mentors help you in a variety of areas:

  • Executive presence
  • How to elevate your leadership
  • The nuts and bolts of how to lead
  • Presenting with Power
  • How to navigate the move from Leader of Individuals to a Leader of Leaders
  • That sounding board to walk through your latest real challenges and opportunities. 

If you are looking for advice from someone who has been in your shoes, mentoring is probably the right fit for you. If you are looking for a thought-partner and guide at any stage of your career journey a coach is probably right for you. If you're unsure, we'd love to help you determine whether coaching or mentoring is right for you.

Every team goes through its own journey of trust, effectiveness, and excellence. Our team of facilitators work with you to understand the challenges you face and customize an approach to help your team ascend to the next level.

We can help facilitate: Staff Retreats and Off-sites, Leadership Development, Board of Directors Meetings, L&D Trainings and Strategic Thinking.

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No matter how great your strategy is, without having people aligned to deliver it, you’ll never get the results you want.

Strategic HR creates value by connecting people with the organization’s strategy.

Our Strategic HR and Organizational Development or OD solutions focus on helping you in three different areas: People, Organizational Health and Leadership.

  1. PEOPLE: We’ll help you design your end-to-end people processes, from hiring to retiring.
  2. ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH: We can partner with you to
    • co-create the right culture
    • build cohesive teams
    • lead change
    • Improve your organizational effectiveness, which includes designing and aligning your organization to get the results you want, whether it’s organizational structure, processes, or the capability of your people.
  3. LEADERSHIP: Our development programs and leadership coaching builds leaders who can lead the first two areas: your people and organizational health.

Our team is made up HR practitioners, people who have sat in your seat and can guide you through the process, whether it's setting up your own strategic HR function or to apply what top companies do and universities teach in Strategic HR and OD.

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Wealth Management (WM) is the art, science and practice of helping clients achieve their hopes, dreams and ambitions. It also brings operating efficiency to firms that have built strong WM franchises; with low capital requirements, growing recurring revenues, and improving operating leverage. The biggest investment of these businesses is in its people- the Advisor base, and its biggest asset is the trust of their clients. Strong franchises don’t try and beat the pack- they grow steadily over time, riding through market cycles, deepening client relationships, and attaining Primary Advisor status with their clients. Primary Advisors gain more than half of a client’s wallet.

At the macro level, the wealth pool is large- US$360 trillion, and growing at nearly 10% p.a., especially among High Net Worth and Affluent segments. And US$80 trillion of wealth is moving across generations, as departing Baby Boomers pass on their legacy to their family. Both trends offer attractive opportunities to firms that can get it right.

If you have a WM business that you need to get an independent assessment of, or if you are considering setting up, or purchasing one, we have proven expertise and methodologies. One such framework that underpins successful WM businesses is called P2RISM©. This has been tested, sharpened and implemented by global and regional WM firms, in the US, Asia, MENA and Europe. With this framework, our experts can evaluate, recommend and help you implement the strategic transformation required.

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All too often, we design our journeys around how we like to do things, our operational structure, or how it impacts us as an organization. We specialize in helping companies truly understand their customers & create uncommon loyalty and delight through journeys designed with the customer in mind. Let Global Leader Group reinvigorate your business in what matters most.

How do we help Network Marketing companies?

Two words: Retention and Revenue

We combine decades of experience in both Direct Sales/Network Marketing and the banking/financial sector to offer unique retention and sales solutions that work. Period. Our team has implemented retention and win-back campaigns with unprecedented success. Let us show you how we can do the same for you.

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