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Speaking & Facilitation

Speaking & Facilitation

Whether you are organizing a large recognition program, a team offsite, virtual conference or in person team meeting, our group of expert communicators can inspire, teach and motivate your teams to reach even higher. We have three premier keynote speakers with experience presenting to hundreds of companies around the world.

Dale Murphy

Dale is a Major League Baseball legend.  A back to back MVP and 7 time all-star, Dale defined MLB in the 80’s leading the league in both home runs and RBI’s in the 10-year span between 1981 and 1990.  He brings all his experience on the field to everyday life through engaging stories that will transport you into the dugout and leave you ready to “Swing hard . . . in case you hit it!”  You and your teams will relate to the ups and down of elite athletics while learning principles that will help you succeed, even in this challenging time.


  • Resilience – 3 Decisions that Create Resilience
  • Success – 3 Commitments Winning Teams Make That Will Lead You to Success
  • Culture – 3 Essential Elements of a Winning Culture
  • Big League Leadership – 3 Critical Attributes of Effective Leadership

Testimonials of Dale

"WOW! On behalf of our leadership team at Wells Fargo’s Private Bank we thoroughly enjoyed our dialogue and especially your insights you shared with us last week. Your comments regarding his personal experience and observations of both Bobby Cox’s and Joe Torre’s commitments to the players while playing for them highlighted some excellent leadership traits which were fascinating and the compassion was also great to hear. I can’t thank you enough for taking your time to be with us!"
Susan Mayo
Wells Fargo Private Bank-Regional Director
Dale Murphy AKA “MURPH” “the gentle giant” the 82′-83′ MVP, 5 consecutive Gold Glove Award winner and 7 time All-Star brought excitement and inspiration to all our employees, their families and friends. From the very beginning of our team building session it was evident that Dale is an outstanding human being who cares about his contribution. His experiences shared from both on and off the field touched the hearts and inspired all those who were present. From our perspective Dale hit a home run with every member of our team. His keynote address and participation in the events of the day was a memory that will be etched in our minds forever. Everyone should consider it a privilege should they get the opportunity to have Dale take part in any event. It was truly an honor to have MURPH join us for the day. We welcome Dale Murphy back anytime!!!
Steve Wilkie
VP Global Sales/Business Development

Jodi Orgil Brown

Jodi lives and leads with power, inspiration and authenticity as she shares her motto that “every interaction is an opportunity to change a life.”   While living her white-picket-fence dream, raising a young family and directing a human services charity, Jodi’s life changed when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Fifteen surgeries and dozens of complications over 12 years have given her a new, intimate understanding of both the receiving and giving sides of life.

Through her keynote speeches, award-winning books and coaching, Jodi strengthens organizations by empowering individuals. She specializes in helping people build systems to increase their capability to thrive amidst stressors, and lead at any organizational level.

Jodi offers four themes:

  • Anti-Fragility: Strengthening your core self
  • Status vs. Stature: Choosing to Lead through Every Interaction
  • The Whole Pie: The Myth of the Scarcity Mentality
  • Halloween to Hero: Elevating the vision of self and others

Testimonials of Jodi

Every once in a while, we encounter an individual who changes us, powerfully, and permanently. Jodi Orgill Brown is that person. Her perspective, perseverance, resilience, and teaching principles are inspiring
Shawn Moon
CEO, Zeroez
Jodi takes an audience in the palms of her hands as she shares stories of trial and triumph, along with real-life tips, to find greater purpose, hope, and motivation to grow every day.”
Kristy Jo Wengert
Founder, Body Buddies
Create Change
Words can't express what Jodi did for our organization. She touched each person in the room and made all our employees want to go out and make a difference in the world!
Wendi Snell
Director, Aspire Home Health

Jonathan Nabrotzky

Jonathan is an experienced leader and speaker having worked at all levels from front line sales to the Global Head of Sales for one of the world’s largest international banks.  His unique journey of having lived in seven countries enriches his messages through real-life stories that add humor and emotion, so your people not only learn, but feel their way to change.  He has spoken to over 10,000 leaders around the world in more than 20 countries. His messages focus on tried and tested principles ranging from success to sales, leadership and coaching skills. 

Jonathan currently offers three keynotes:

  • The Secret of Selling You – Top 10 Selling Skills
  • Coaching for Success – How Coaching Can Transform your Team
  • Defining Your Leadership Style – How to Move From Unconscious Manager to Deliberate Leader

Testimonials of Jonathan

Jonathan is a master public speaker who inspires and enthuses his audience with his smarts, drive and humility. His infectious energy, story telling, and determination is unparalleled.
Paul Szumilewicz
Global Head of Digital Channel Operations, HSBC
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