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The Entrepreneur Roundtable

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Are you facing these business owner challenges?

Entrepreneurship is rewarding...
but hard - and sometimes lonely at the top!

That's why we also believe it's
Better Done In Community

At Global Leader Group, we are experts in scaling businesses to multi-million-dollar revenue.

Because we took what we learned from being executives in some of the world's biggest and most complex businesses and
Did it ourselves in less than 3 years and have helped other achieve the same!

The 6-month transformational experience that seats you with experienced practicioners and other business owners all around a virtual roundtable.

Round table experience

The Entrepreneur RoundTable Gives you unprecedented access to expert practitioners with a proven process and playbook.

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About The Experience

The Entrepreneur Roundtable experience is a comprehensive initiative designed to empower aspiring and established entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities necessary to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. Through a series of interactive workshops, mentorship sessions, and peer-to-peer discussions, participants will gain valuable insights into key aspects of entrepreneurship, including business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and leadership development. Led by experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, the program offers a dynamic learning environment where participants can exchange ideas, receive constructive feedback, and forge valuable connections within the entrepreneurial community. Whether you're launching a startup or seeking to scale your existing business, the Entrepreneur Roundtable program provides the guidance and support you need to succeed.

How It Works

Join A Connected
Group of Peers

Your roundtable is curated to include 8-10 other business owners who share, challenge, and grow together

Interactive Virtual-Live Workshops

90-minute monthly virtual-live
interactive sessions facilitated
by an industry expert, with
group success coaching

On-Demand Social Learning in the Flow of Work

Access to weekly bite-sized
learning in a blend of something
to read, watch, listen to, or do
to apply in real time
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Program Inclusions

  • Creation of your 5-year strategic business plan
  • Two 30-minute business mentoring sessions with your expert of choice
  • GALLUP CliftonStrengths assessment
  • GALLUP CliftonStrengths coaching session (Learn how your strengths can be applied in your business)


Optional (additional fee):

  • Extended business mentoring sessions
  • 360 Business diagnostic (complete business review by a team of experts with an action plan)
  • Subscribership of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable beyond 6 months

How Do I Know It's For Me?

  • I want to grow my revenue
  • I want to have access to industry leading mentors and coaches
  • I want a peer advisory group - a community that will exchange ideas and share challenges with accountability for your business goals
  • I would like to have a plan to scale my organization
  • I want to learn what top companies do and universities teach to successfully run a company
  • I want to become the leader everyone wants to work for and person they willingly follow
  • I want clarity on my best role in my business

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The next cohorts of the Entrepreneur Roundtable are coming Summer 2024. Contact us to receive more information and be notified when registration opens.
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