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Leadership Mentoring

Leadership Mentoring

Leadership Mentoring is an intentional relationship between a seasoned leader and a leader who wants the sounding board, lived experience, consultative advice, practical and tactical tips and tools which can only be had by someone who has sat in that leadership seat.

In addition to the skills and processes used in executive coaching, leadership mentoring pairs you with a leader that knows how to solve the challenges you face and can provide their knowledge and expertise.

We start by setting up a meeting to discuss your needs and then your leadership mentor creates a customized proposal with development strategies to help reach your desired results.

Common Types of Leadership Mentors

Example Persona 1: Barbara - The Banking Leader

You have a senior leadership position in a financial institution and want to partner with a former Executive from one of the world’s largest banks, someone who can help you move from strategy to reality as they’ve sat in your seat and can share both what worked and the lessons learned from failures.

Example Persona 2: Hugo - The HR Leader

You’re leading the HR activities of your organization, but realize that neither your educational background nor work experience included what top universities teach or companies do to connect people with the organization’s strategy and run HR.  You want to partner with a former HR Executive who can be your guide to coach and train you on delivering world-class strategic HR. 

"My goal for 2021 was to take my HR team to the next level. I chose to partner with Global Leader Group, and I'm so glad I did! The personalized content of our meetings has been relevant and practical and has exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only has my team benefited from the information and resources I now have access to, but this experience has become a catalyst for improvements throughout our company. And we've only just begun!"
Head of HR, Regional Waste Management and Recycling Service Provider
Example Persona 3: Sarah - The Sales Leader

You are leading sales and want to partner with a Leadership Mentor who can guide you through building your Sales Management Framework, including setting up the right sales incentives, coaching culture, and more.  Plus, you just went from peer to promoted, and now all your direct reports are former peers and want help navigating your leadership.

Example Persona 4: Anika – The Accelerating Leader

You identify as a female or as part of a minority group and want to partner with a leadership mentor who understands what you’re going through and can help you reach your desired results.  You want to accelerate women and/or minorities in leadership by not only building leadership capabilities, but also creating the right mindset to achieve ultimate success in life. 

Example Persona 5: Carl - The Customer Experience Leader

You are leading the customer experience for your company and want to pair with a leadership mentor who can help you build the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to grow revenue, save costs, and improve the customer experience.

Example Persona 6: Steve - The Self-Employed Entrepreneur

You have been hustling to grow your business and have been very successful.  But now you want to take it to the next level.  What took you to 6 figures, then 7, is not what’s needed to get to 8 figures and beyond.  You want help to scale and lead your company.  Plus, since you don’t have a Human Resources (HR) department, you want help on all the people and org related items as you don’t know what you don’t know.

Example Persona 7: Felicia - The First-time Manager

You were a great Engineer, that's why you kept getting promoted into bigger roles as an individual contributor in Engineering.  But now it's all different.  You have your first job managing people and it’s the hardest part of any job you’ve ever had.  You want to learn the mindset and skill sets needed to become a great manager of people. 

Example Persona 8: Rebecca – The Relocating Mom

The most important work any of us will ever do is usually within the walls of our own home.  Whether you work through an organization or run your home…or both, relocating a family can be a handful, especially if it’s international.  You want to partner with a leadership mentor who’s been there and done that and can help you and your family navigate through that transition.

Should I choose a Leadership Mentor or Executive Coach?

If you are looking for advice, training or specific expertise from someone who has sat in your seat, mentoring is probably the right fit for you.

If you are looking for a thought-partner and guide, a coach is probably right for you.

While an executive coach does not need to have direct knowledge and experience related to your situation to effectively guide you, our Leadership Mentors add on the ability to create a training and development plan to ensure you have the needed mindset and skillsets for your role or function.

If you're unsure, contact us and we'd love to help you determine whether coaching or mentoring is right for you.
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