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Spencer Holt

Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer

Spencer Holt is an award-winning educator, speaker, designer, executive coach, and regarded as one of the leading thinkers in the field of leadership, change, innovation and creating a culture of belonging & performance. 

He has international experience in pharmaceutical, finance, franchising and sales industries. Most recently, Spencer served as the Head of the Commercial Learning and Innovation Centre for Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, leading a team of professionals with a bold ambition to accelerate performance through learning. This has included areas of focus such as learning in the flow of work, digital and data analytics, immersive learning experiences, and creating a culture of learning to achieve world class launch learning experiences, construct tailored business solutions, build omni channel capabilities, set the standard for the life cycle of learning for each employee, and globalization of business operations. Prior to this, Dr. Holt was Director, Global Leader & Enterprise Development and Director, Global Commercial Academy with Astra Zeneca designing and delivering global leadership flagship experiences across over 54 countries while winning multiple learning technology awards. 

Spencer also is a prolific speaker and delivers key note address all over the world.  Dr. Holt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Lethbridge with a Master’s in Higher Education Leadership and a Ph.D. in Leadership Development from UNLV. He is the author of multiple scholarly articles in leadership development and hosts a regular podcast, “Small Things Make a Big Difference”. 

Spencer and his family live in Philadelphia, PA.

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