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Sean Brown


Sean is a global sales executive with over 25 years of experience across multiple industries from medical to financial services to network marketing. In his most current role, his responsibilities have included leading over ten thousand sales professionals spanning thirteen countries. Sean is a strategic thinker who is known for his ability to remove and navigate obstacles. He spends significant time teaching execution and accountability while building a reputation as someone who delivers results to the top and bottom lines. His holistic approach to sales management, leadership development, and industry-leading sales training delivers immediate returns to sales organizations worldwide.

In his role as Global VP of Sales for Youngevity, Sean was tasked with uncovering gaps in sales performance across multiple markets. By working with Country Sales Heads and meeting the needs of those gaps with real-time strategies, Sean delivered results totaling 120 million dollars annually. Sean’s success can be tied to his front-line experience as a top performer across many roles with large companies such as Bank of America & HSBC.

Sean is a firm believer in excellence, hard work, and leadership development. He believes that by investing in your internal team and helping them to deliver a first-class experience to customers, companies will separate themselves from the competition. As a student of the sales cycle and customer experience, he has learned to deliver an immediate lift to clients in a tangible way. Sean possesses the ability to help leaders identify and retain top talent while working with them to become aware of blind spots that are holding them back.

Sean resides in Utah with his wife Annelise of 23 years and their 4 sons ages 12 through 20. They are very much a soccer family with their two youngest sons 14 & 12 playing all year round. Their family is very active in the community with Annelise serving as a volunteer head of a large women’s organization, and Sean teaching volunteer leadership classes to groups of youth around Utah.

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