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Nancy Murphy


Nancy Murphy has been a business owner and partner for the past 20 years. After her husband, Dale, retired from baseball, they worked together to create and grow Dale Murphy, LLC, where Nancy is head of operations. In this capacity, she handles all of the planning, logistics, customer engagement, and support for Dale’s speaking and appearance events. She also co-owns a restaurant in Atlanta with Dale (“Murphs”). During the first 20 years of their marriage, Nancy’s time was filled with raising their eight children and keeping their life balanced during the busy years of Dale’s Major League Baseball career.

Nancy spent 3 years side-by-side with Dale in a volunteer position for their Church supervising 700 young people in Boston between 1997-2000 where she held responsibility for a variety of roles from emotional support and counseling to education and strategy.

Nancy is an author, speaker, and Certified Clifton Strengths Coach. She joins Global Leader Group excited to share her life experience with others and help businesses and individuals find their greatest strengths and reach their highest potential.

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