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Jonathan Grocock

Senior Partner

Jon has spent almost 30 years in leadership roles within Financial Services and has a track record of consistently delivering significant, long-lasting, operational, cultural and strategic transformation.

Having studied European business in both France and the UK, Jon joined the HSBC Group.  His career has seen him lead teams in Retail banking, Commercial banking and Audit, with the most significant portion of his C-suite career being in Private Banking. 

Jon has 15 years’ experience as a COO (both traditional scope and Front Office COO roles), Deputy/Interim CEO, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Control Office leader.  These roles have been in both small and medium sized entities, and in regional and global teams, within a highly complex, matrix environment.  He is known for his ability to get the most out of his teams, gain the confidence of a wide range of stakeholders and work across multiple territories and cultures.  Much of Jon’s senior career has been in French speaking Europe.

Jon’s has a reputation as someone who can simplify seemingly complex situations, and then identify and deliver pragmatic, workable solutions.  His significant Transformation leadership experience includes:

  • Restructuring following acquisitions and mergers,
  • Reorganizing and delivering failing projects,
  • Regulatory remediation,
  • Departmental creation and restructuring,
  • Cultural change / Turnaround of teams,
  • Major systems change (with deep “business readiness” experience),
  • Legal and regulatory reorganizations,
  • Offshoring, and
  • Cost management.

Jon is known for being customer focussed.  He is proactive, positive and solution focussed and has developed a broad knowledge base by repeatedly stepping in to fill leadership gaps, whether short or long term.  He also spent 18 months as HSBC Retail & Wealth’s Global Lead for Gender Representation.

Jon resides in South Oxfordshire with his family.  He is a fluent French speaker, and when he hasn’t been working in Francophone countries, he has frequently holidayed in them.  His other interests include choral singing, where he is an active member of the National Youth Choir Alumni, field hockey, where he is Chair of his local club, and golf.

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