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Jodi Orgill Brown


Jodi Orgill Brown is a strategist-turned-survivor on a mission to help leaders and teams improve interpersonal interactions to grow stronger from struggle and catapult from change. She is a resilience & antifragility expert professional speaker, trainer, award-winning author, certified business coach and consultant, and a brain tumor survivor.

Through her work at Global Leader Group, she’s taught and inspired thousands of organizational leaders to influence through their interactions, and create systems for growth.

Jodi helps individuals thrive through speaking and business coaching, resilience and communication courses, and through her inspirational YouTube channel.

She earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership & communication, a bachelor’s degree in public relations, and is an Exactly What to Say® certified guide.

When organizations like Comcast, AstraZeneca, Coldwell Banker, and United Way want their people to grow together through change, they reach out to Jodi.

She is the 2023 Storytelling Champ (National Speakers Association MW), an award-winning author, and she earned a master’s and bachelor’s degree.

Jodi and her husband, Tolan, live in an idyllic mountain valley in Northern Utah, where they are raising four children.

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