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Jodi Orgill Brown

Antifragility Expert & Brain Tumor Survivor
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Learning and Development Experiences

Partner with Jodi and our design experts to custom build or leverage Jodi’s flagship keynotes and trainings
In addition to Jodi’s virtual or in-person keynotes and trainings, participants get access to our social, on-demand learning platform, including a blend of follow-up videos, articles, tools, and activities that transform knowledge into changed behavior and improved results. Learning is not a one and done event, but an experience where participants continue to learn, share, and apply in the flow of work.

Keynote, Coaching and Training Experiences


Leadership Systems for Growth through Change
Strengthen your individual, team, and organizational capacity to thrive in the face of upheaval. Learn how to respond amidst stressors so you adapt quickly, improve results, minimize disruption, camouflage your weaknesses, and improve organizational outcomes.

Professional Speaking Training

"The Speaker's Journey" online video course will propel you towards a successful career in public speaking.

In this course you will discover how to:

  • Topic that aligns with your expertise or unique life experiences
  • Learn to set yourself apart
  • Master the techniques of crafting an unforgettable speech
  • Unlock the keys to storytelling
  • Market yourself so for high-profile opportunities
  • Price yourself appropriately
  • Gain confidence to engage in successful conversations
  • Create a variety of revenue streams 
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EXACTLY What to Say

Magic Words for Influence and Impact
(NOTE: Customized version for conversations for influence on LinkedIn)
Learn principles, tools, and skills to change your world by changing your words. Based on the best-selling book and program, Exactly What to Say, by Phil M. Jones, Jodi (a certified EWTS guide) takes you through sections, or the entire program, to build your conversation skills to build trust, improve relationships, and increase your influence, impact, and outcomes.

Workshop the Magic Words to gain an advantage over the competition in this fast-paced market.

Status vs Stature

Leading at Any Level through Interpersonal Interactions
(NOTE: Customized version for healthcare)
Discover lessons from Willy Wonka and empower others to have an outward focus. Develop skills to increase your personal ROI: Relationships, Outcomes, and Interactions to uplevel your influence, impact, and always do the right thing. Discover the truth that every interaction is an opportunity to change a life.

PurposeFULL and Positive

Mental Health Resilience to Rise Above Adversity
Learn the basic science of mental health challenges, determine triggers, and identify conditions of susceptibility. Explore ineffective treatment methods and whole-person centered approaches to encourage healing, as well as discovering daily happiness. Learn how to support struggling colleagues and set the stage for a positive work environment for all.

The Power of the Pack

Collaboration & Teamwork
Learn the myth of the lone wolf and the power of being part of a pack. Create hyper focus within a team or group to accelerate growth, improve communication, and build solidarity of purpose so the whole pack arrives at the destination. Assist team members in leveraging the experience and expertise of all members to achieve a shared goal.
Jodi also speaks on Disabilities, the Power of Caregivers, and trains on using LinkedIn to maximize your business.
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What can Jodi do for your company?

“Every once in a while, we encounter an individual who changes us, powerfully, and permanently. Jodi Orgill Brown is that person. Her perspective, perseverance, resilience, and teaching principles are inspiring.”
Shawn Moon
CEO, Zeroez
“Jodi takes an audience in the palms of her hands as she shares stories of trial and triumph, along with real-life tips, to find greater purpose, hope, and motivation to grow every day.”
Kristy Jo Wengert
Founder, Body buddies
Create Change
“Words can't express what Jodi did for our organization. She touched each person in the room and made all our employees want to go out and make a difference in the world!”
Wendi Snell
Director, Aspire Home Health
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About Jodi

Jodi Orgill Brown is a strategist-turned-survivor on a mission to help leaders and teams improve interpersonal interactions to grow stronger from struggle and catapult from change. She is a resilience & antifragility expert professional speaker, trainer, award-winning author, certified business coach and consultant, and a brain tumor survivor.

Through her work at Global Leader Group, she’s taught and inspired thousands of organizational leaders to influence through their interactions, and create systems for growth.

Jodi helps individuals thrive through speaking and business coaching, resilience and communication courses, and through her inspirational YouTube channel.

She earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership & communication, a bachelor’s degree in public relations, and is an Exactly What to Say® certified guide.

When organizations like Comcast, AstraZeneca, Coldwell Banker, and United Way want their people to grow together through change, they reach out to Jodi.

She is the 2023 Storytelling Champ (National Speakers Association MW), an award-winning author, and she earned a master’s and bachelor’s degree.

Jodi and her husband, Tolan, live in an idyllic mountain valley in Northern Utah, where they are raising four children.

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