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Paul Baltes

Senior Partner

Paul Baltes is an inspiring, entertaining coach & trainer with over 25 years of experience helping organizations succeed. He has developed customized programs in Mentoring & Education, Employee Relations, Coaching for Leaders, & Customer Care. He has significantly increased customer satisfaction & retention & employee job satisfaction in every organization he's been involved with.

Paul is innovative in addressing challenges & issues, specializing in engaging with the most difficult clients, customers & employees, and how to lead teams to be customer-centric; embedding this within the culture of a company & throughout their social media. He works to help messaging stay on brand, adhering to the mission & vision that should drive every achievement.

He focuses on interactive engagement with Teams & Customers, adapting innovative strategies to your organization's needs. He has trained & coached in organizations throughout North & South America. He is fluent in English & Spanish.

In addition to consulting, Paul has held executive positions in several organizations in the for-profit & non-profit sectors, building many from startups.

He continues to study the Communication process in all its aspects. He holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics & Rhetoric from Purdue University, emphasizing the recovery processes for intended communication left unsaid. He has taught Semantics, Language & Law, and Gender & Language at University and has developed online courses & training since 1998.

He is CXPA Certified, 7 Habits certified & has written with & consulted with Stephen Covey.

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