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Nikki Bale


Nikki is an organizational development consultant, who specializes in leadership team development and executive coaching. She acts as an inquisitive and empathetic business partner, and she is energized by partnering with clients to solve people problems through facilitated team development, coaching, and bespoke organizational development programs. In her role as an OD practitioner, she has helped executive teams build trust and the ability to handle conflict in a healthy way, get clear and cohesive on strategy, define new positions (get the right people on the bus and in the right seats), overhaul employee engagement programs, and facilitate important conversation among stakeholders.

She has the experience and skills to assess and deliver on the necessary programs for teams and leaders to operate like well-oiled machines, instead of letting unsaid or unidentified issues corrode work relationships over time. She quickly makes connections between cause-and-effect situations interpersonally and knows how to engage people in conversations that they are either reluctant to have or don’t know how to start. She is a systems thinker and includes actionable follow-through for long-term impacts in all her engagements.

In addition to her OD work, she has 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, wearing all the hats from sales, project development, and small business ownership. She still co-owns a small development company with her husband based in Bend, Oregon.

Nikki is a lifelong learner with an MEd in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change from Colorado State University. She is also a Coached Training Institute (Co-Active) graduate, an ICF-certified coach, and a Myers Briggs practitioner.

Nikki is equal parts homebody and adventure seeker. Currently, she splits her time between Bend, Oregon, and London, England, and finds immense joy on days spent in the outdoors with her 3 children and husband close by.

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